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Helping You Help Your Customers

When the unexpected happens, the experts at ServiceMaster Restore® are ready to get your policyholders’ lives back to normal. Whether the problem is water, fire, mold or a combination of all three, we solve residential disasters quickly. We understand that suffering a loss may be a first for your policyholders and something they may experience only once in a lifetime. That’s why we guide your client throughout the process and keep your policyholder informed every step of the way with real-time technology.

Residential Benefits

When you refer your customers to us, they receive quick disaster recovery response in their time of need. In fact, we will be on site within four hours or less.

Our quick response helps reduce the severity of the claim and provides your customers with fast, professional service. As a full service disaster restoration provider, we immediately dispatch the appropriate resources and oversee communication throughout the restoration process. The emergency call center is ready to handle your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Whether it’s damage from water, fire or mold, ServiceMaster Restore has insurance agents covered. Developed to ensure remarkable customer service, MasterMoments is a three-step process designed to deliver a better experience. It includes:
  • Walking Through

    Walking the policyholder through our Emergency Recovery Guides to explain and set expectations regarding the claim.

  • Calling the Agent

    Calling the agent within 24 hours to communicate the policyholder’s situation as well as claim status.

  • Calling the Claim Rep.

    Calling the claim representative within 24 hours to relay the scope of the damage, emergency services provided and any important claim information.

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Questions or Concerns

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